Argos Support Services—Subscription, 24/7 and Additional Services

Subscription Service. The Argos Subscription Service is available during regular business hours from 5am to 5pm (Pacific Time) by (1) phone—559-227-1000 Ext 5 or 888-253-5353 Ext 5, (2) web access— along with your Argos supplied User ID and password, and (3) fax—559-248-4848

Our Software Subscription Service allows our Support Team to provide (1) telephone support, (2) remote connection support, (3) attendance at user meetings, (4) access to Argos’ support web site, including webinars, training videos and support materials, (5) program updates, (6) program enhancements, (7) version upgrades with conversion support as related to the software and (8) consulting support on server/network upgrades.

Server/network and system administrator services are available as a separate service, either as needed or as a subscription service. On-site and non-subscription support is billed at Argos' prevailing rates.

24/7 Support Service. Argos offers after hours support on a 24/7 basis either as needed or as a subscription service. This service is available by phone using our standard support lines and pressing X7. You will be asked to leave a message with a call back number and then your request is immediately passed onto our on-duty support technicians who will call you. For “as needed” callers, the technician will confirm with you that the service being provided will be billed at our prevailing 24/7 rate.

Additional Services. Argos offers a range of additional services that may be required from time to time. These are billed at our prevailing rates.

  • On-site/off-site implementation planning, setup and training services
  • On-line setup and training services
  • Data conversion services
  • Consulting services, including best practices, conversion planning and process re-engineering
  • Network and system administrator services, including installing and configuring systems
  • Custom programming services in relation to our products
  • EDI mapping services
  • Designing and customizing handheld and web interfaces to our products
  • Designing and customizing interfaces to third party applications and systems
  • General business support services